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See You Memorial Jewellery


Memories deserve nothing less

Commemorate your loved one with our bespoke memorial jewellery

The See You memorial collection is an exquisite selection of timeless pieces that can tastefully and respectfully incorporate ashes, hair, and fingerprints to make something personal and distinctive.


There is a stunning collection of pendants, rings, bracelets and many more items to choose from and all jewellery is hand crafted in house.


Cherish your special memories


The range, designed by family jeweller Rob Leurs in the Netherlands, but is made in-house by our team of experts and has many affordable yet high-quality pieces. The jewellery offers something new and different to cherish your special memories in a unique way.


Bespoke jewellery


Ashes, hair, and fingerprints can be years old, yet we can still use them to make the piece of jewellery you want. All jewellery is set in our office so you do not have to send off any ashes or hair and worry about them being lost or mixed up.
When using ashes or hair, these are combined using a custom process with a special resin that is then set under a UV lamp, ensuring a solid bond. We can make the resin in various colours and can even be specific as to how visible you wish the ashes or hair to be.


Further options


Alternatively, other design options with a glass or silver front have a secret compartment at the back, which can be opened and filled with the ashes. This way, it keeps your loved one close more discreetly. With fingerprints, these can be added to jewellery with either an ink image or See You’s unique wax system, which allows the jewellery to have the exact indentation of your loved one.
There is a stunning collection of pendants, rings, bracelets and many more items to choose from that use these processes.


Choose from Silver or Gold


The pieces are produced in sterling silver with a rhodium-plated finish for a luxurious white gold radiance. All pieces can also be made in gold on request. See You has introduced two lines using real diamonds and precious metals too for something truly eye-catching.

You do not have to have arranged a funeral with us to access our jewellery service.

There is a full display to browse before you commit to a design, however we are happy to meet with you face-to-face to discuss your wishes.


Prices for the See You jewellery start from as little as £80.00, which includes the ashes setting.

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