Funeral Guide


When someone dies, the last thing you want to think about is formalities and arrangements. But there are a number of steps that are required by law.

An important part of the grieving process is to be able to give your loved one the funeral that they would have wished for. At family-owned funeral directors Turnbulls we can help you to take all the right steps to arrange a funeral that is fitting for your loved one.


Inform the family GP: In most cases, the family doctor provides and signs a death certificate, which will be required in order to register a death.



Register the Death: All deaths must be registered by law at a register office. In England and Wales this must be done within five days, while in Scotland the time limit is eight days.



You need to take as much information/documents relating to the deceased as possible to register the death, including:



  • Death certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • NHS Medical Card
  • The deceased’s full name and any previous names used
  • Their last address
  • Their occupation
  • The details of a surviving spouse or civil partner
  • Whether they were receiving any state benefits.


Use this link to find your Register Office in England and Wales



Use this link to find your Register Office in Scotland



At the Register Office: Assuming that there is no post-mortem, the register office will supply you with a Certificate for Burial or Cremation and a Certificate of Registration of Death. If you require any duplicates of the death certificate, you can request this at the register office.



Many families appreciate not having to drive on such a difficult day, think about parking, or simply add a bit of comfort as they accompany a loved one on their final journey. Every vehicle is maintained to a very high standard and offers flawless transport for all styles of funeral.



For many people, the first choice of funeral vehicle is a traditional Jaguar or Daimler hearse. Our fleet of beautiful Wilcox designed hearses have been hand-built to offer the most dignified approach to and from a funeral service. Turnbulls can also provide limousines, horse-drawn carriages and a range of alternative vehicles.



Our special private ambulance enables us to take the deceased into our care in a discrete and respectful manner.